Both art, and children's welfare, are my passions ...

A BA Honours degree is my Early Childhood Studies degree. Art and children’s welfare are both my passions. Therefore, being able create spaces for children to explore their imagination and have fun is what I love.


My sweet-pea began with Murals for children’s bedrooms, but now has expanded to many other areas. As long as art is involved, there is no limit!


Through two sponsored Bumpathons, I raised more than PS6,000 for charity for Treliske, Truro’s neonatal unit and Comic Relief.

My Passion

“I wanted something to keep my bump in pictures. This was the best way I could think of and it turned out to be perfect. Carrie was wonderful. She asked me what I wanted, and gave me lots of options before choosing the jersey cow “denzel”. I highly recommend Carrie to anyone looking for a special treat during pregnancy